GiftCards are the fastest growing method of payment sweeping the world. With so many benefits over traditional voucher systems there is no wonder......
Now you can sell your own Gift Cards, printed with your business information just the way you want them. Easy activation, worry-free security, complete settlement and record-keeping give you everything you need, hassle free, at an affordable price. gift-card02You can have a GiftCard working for you quickly.


Increase Profits
By displaying your gift cards at your Register (Point Of Sale or POS) you will increase your gift sales. This has been proven to increase impulse buys at the POS. Also, your gift cards have no value untill they are activated. Therefore, theft is not an issue.
Minimize Lost Revenue
Issue store credit on a gift card and you will always keep customers coming back to spend more. You will never again have to lose money by refunding your customer. You can simply present your customer with a Gift Card that has the same value as their return.
Simple Accounting
By using electronic gift cards, you will reduce the cost of the back office reconciliation that is involved with paper gift certificates. With real time reporting you and your customer can look up individual card balances. You will have all the information that you need to balance your books when you switch to an electronic gift card system.
Grow your Business
Statistics show that up to 15% of the cards will never be redeemed. This means that if you sell $100,000 in gift cards, that you will profit $15,000 as a result of cards that are never redeemed. This is one reason that many business have switched to a plastic Gift Card that can be displayed at the POS.